Have a question about the LDS Church?

Been asked a question that you aren’t quite sure how to answer?

The whole idea behind this blog is for it to be useful.  Sure, I’ve been peppered with hundreds of questions about Mormonism during my life, and I will try to address most of those here.  But what I want to talk about isn’t nearly as important as whatyou want to talk about. 

Feel free to shoot me a question by making a comment here, commenting on any of the pages, or emailing me at monkghio@gmail.com

If I know the answer, I’ll provide it to you here.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll do what I can to find it.  And if I’m stumped, I’ll admit it.

2 Responses to “Submit Your Own Question”

  1. 1 Nicole February 6, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    One of the more complicated questions I have asked in my 2 1/2 years of being an investigator is one I’ve been convinced has no answer (at least for now). And yet, still, the thoughts linger at the back of my mind and the difficulty in understanding the concept is quite possibly what prevents me from gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I’d be interested to hear your theory. There is no doctrinally stated answer for this, so I won’t blame you too much for use of speculation. Anyway, here goes…

    The concept of exaltation ultimately means that Heavenly Father, Himself, went through the process to obtain godhood. My questions about this are two-fold…

    First, the Bible (and the Book of Mormon for that matter), describe Heavenly Father as “eternal” and “the same yesterday, today and forever”. If Heavenly Father went through a process of exaltation himself, that leads to the conclusion that He Himself had a god, and a creator. So, my question is, how can Heavenly Father be both created and eternal?

    Second, as a Christian the difficulty I have with this belief that Heavenly Father was a man like you or I that went through an exaltation process to obtain godhood seems to (and I’m not saying it does) diminish His divinity. If there is a god who created Heavenly Father, is that god not more grand then our Heavenly Father? What about that god’s creator? Isn’t the concept of god “that which none greater can be conceived”? My instinct as a Christian is to want to worship the GREATEST god, the creator of ALL things, and not just the things here on this earth or in this universe. How does a Mormon reconcile the belief of exaltation and still maintain that this Heavenly Father is supreme and divine, greater than all other gods, as the Bible describes Him?

    Sorry for the length. I’ve come to understand that I probably won’t ever get a complete answer to this question. But I really appreciate your thought and sincerity in the way you answer other hard questions, so, I thought I’d pick your brain a little bit. Thanks!

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