When I come across articles by other folks that I think are fair and worth reading, I will provide links to them here.

Why We Are Afraid of Mormons

Terrific interview of a researcher who comments on some of the common misperceptions about member of the LDS Church and how those ideas get traction.


Temples and Temple Work

I spotted this blog by an Episcopal priest describing her tour of the LDS Temple in Liberty, Missouri during its open house.  She goes into the tour wondering if she will have a “God moment.”  You might be surprised by what she experienced.

Check it out at:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/danielle-tumminio/inside-a-mormon-temple-a-female-episcopal-priest-visits_b_1430206.html.

Mitt Romney’s Underwear

This is the response of a radio talk show host to a caller’s criticism of “magic underwear.”  Very brief, but compelling response that I wish I had written myself.

Give it a read at: http://www.wham1180.com/pages/boblonsberry.html?article=10037569#.T5YyG3iMENA.wordpress.

Mormon History and American Values

Aljazeera isn’t the first place I would think to look for a fair and well-informed discussion of Mormon history and how it intersects with American values, but I’ll tip my hat to any journalist who actually reads what we teach before he wri…tes an article.  (My only complaint is that he isn’t aware of the history of Near East societies writing on metal plates, but other than Mormons and archaeologists, who would care about that?).
Mormons and the Jews
I clicked on this because “Shavuot” was a new word to me.  This short blog entry gives a succinct explanation of why Mormons have a strong affinity for the Jewish people.
Mormon Scripture
I’m not sure that many LDS people could give as clear an overview of Mormon Scripture, including the role that the Bible plays in the Church, as this author does:

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